Sunday, February 24, 2008

Splines and Track On The NS Sub

Another weekend passes with what seems like no progress. After running some errands Saturday morning, I finally got into the layout room around 1:30. Not long after I started I had some visitors that had been to one of the club shows.

After they left, I made a second pour on the Abbott's Creek water. The initial pour was rather brownish and I made this one lighter.

While the matte medium was drying, I took to the table saw cutting 40 or 50 splines which I used to start laying out the NS roadbed.

That was about as far as I got on Saturday. Sunday morning I checked out the now dried Abbott's Creek. Still a little brownish, but as good as I can do for now. I went ahead and mounted the shoreline and poured the finish matte layer. I'll follow later with a gloss layer for a wet look.

Went back to the NS roadbed. I lined and glued about 12 feet of roadbed and realized the best thing for the High Point yard would be plywood and tie that to the spline stringers.

After mounting the plywood, I went back and started soldering and laying track for the dual mains out of Dundee Yard (Danville). I left a #7 turnout for Jamestown and widened the tracks for the future High Point Depot.

The mains have been laid as far as the High Point Yard. I need to double check the sidings needed going into Thomasville and I can go ahead and lay the splines around the back corner heading into the pit opening.

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