Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Run On The WSS/HPT&D

On Friday, Feb 15 at 21:49:32 GMT, the first complete loop was made on the WSS/HPT&D sub of the Central Carolina Southbound.

The trip started at Bill Yard with an SD80MAC and 6 cars. It traveled south thru Lexington, Southmont up the helix by Flat Swamp, then northeast thru Denton where it picked up another 6 cars, to High Point where the loco turned on the Wye and returned to Bill Yard.

There was 1 hopper that went on the ground not once but twice, and was immediately bad ordered. There were no other problems encountered.

KB, Owner, Superintendant, Yardmaster, Trainmaster, Engineeer, Conductor, Brakeman, Chief Cook, Bottlewasher

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