Sunday, January 20, 2008

Various Work on the WSS/HPT&D Sub

The Winston Salem Southbound's Bill Yard is almost complete. There is 1 section of the hillside to put scenery on and will be ready for some details.

The whole yard has been ballasted and ground throws installed. Jon has come over and made sure all the turnouts were clean and operating well.

The bottom 2 photos show som work done to the HPT&D area just north of Flat Swamp. Technically inaccurate, I merged the WSS and HPT&D minus High Rock Yard.

Sorry, but even with compression, There just wasn't enough room for it all. The 3rd pic shows my favorite scene thus far. Only visible from the right angle, this would be a really good railfan spot.

The last picture is looking back towards Flat Swamp. The unfinished spot in the foreground is where the Georgia Pacific formaldehyde plant at Healing Springs will go. The 2 plant tracks are already in place and I am trying something new for a chain link fence.

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Jodie said...

Darn it. I lost my original post cause I had to 'sign up'. ANyhow, good work and much progress is evident. Pic 3 and another one show up as only frames. I hope to see the layout again soon.