Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bill Yard and Corn Products

This is an overhead shot of the Corn Products facility south of Winston Salem and just north of the South Fork Viaduct which is north of Winston Salem Southbound's Bill Yard.

I really didn't have room to fully lay out all the tracks in the plant (and it's yard to the right of the satellite picture). Just another one of those trade-offs I have had to do.

When I first started thinking about a new room, I really wanted to do a WSS railroad complete from Winston to around High Rock Yard. But, one of the things I didn't have in my old layout and really wanted in the new one was a double track mainline. The WSS didn't offer that, so I looked at doing an NS portion and a WSS portion.
As happens in real life, the NS began to take over more and more of the available space until I was left with the center island as the WSS.

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