Monday, May 18, 2009

NS M-Line

So, after the May session I had the bright idea to fill in the old dispatcher's corner with a branch line. But what to model?

Marcus suggested that I look at the line running thru Asheboro as it included a plastics plant that supposedly had a lot of traffic. Did some Maps Live work and WOW! The plastics plant is called Starpet. On one satellite photo I counted over 125 hoppers setting in the plant and showed their own switcher.

I talked Tammy into riding that way one Sunday and took pictures of several places along the way. There's a Georgia Pacific plant, Chandler Concrete, Dahalia Plastics, CMC Metal recyclers, Metals USA and several more.

These are cumulative from beginning construction on May 02 until May 18.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 09 Ops Session

The 3rd formal operating session included around 15 guys. Lunch was BBQ chicken. Maybe that's what they really came for. Oh well, they HAD to stay and run the trains anyway.

This was the first session with 2 dispatchers: Charlotte, manned by Josh Blevins and Danville manned by Tim Heckman. We also used 2 separate radio channels to cut down on traffic.