Monday, January 29, 2007

Yadkin River Bridge

Now would be a good time to invest in track stock and maybe Plastruct. I've been converting the stuff I've been taking pictures of to scale..... The Yadkin River bridge is 639 feet long. My calculator says that's about 49 scale inches. Somebody please tell me I'm wrong.

I have been reminded of the phrase "selective compression". I'm thinking that would make a nice statement. Full scale size.

My latest version of a trackplan is a PDF here. To fit all this, the new building will be around 20 x 40. I'm limited if I follow the profile of the existing barn to around 20' wide, but can take the length as long as I want.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spencer Yard

Been thinking about how to get a working hump yard. From what I've heard working NScale humps have been tried with both air retarders and magnetics but with little success. Someone out there has to know something?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Design Ideas

John is not the only one thinking of new layouts, although I'm not planning on being done by April either!!!

I've settled on a interweave of tracks between Thomasville, Winston, Lexington and Denton. Where else do 3 railroads interchange within 15 miles? On The map, the NS is the dark blue line, the WSS (Winston Salem Southbound) in red, and the HPT&D (High Point Thomasville and Denton) in yellow.

Points of interest are:
1. WSS's Bill Yard located just outside Winston. North of the yard is an interchange with the NS "K" Line (although I'm not planning on covering the K-line).
2. Old concrete overpass.
3. The WSS passes under the NS mainlines, then rises to an interchange with NS track 1.
4. NS's Spencer Yard.
5. The NS crossing at the Yadkin River.
6. NC Transportation Museum. Last minute addition, but allows me to use a turntable and operating steam on an otherwise modern layout.
7. High Rock Yard with the WSS/HPT&D interchange.

South of the High Rock Yard, the WSS continues to Wadesboro. There, I think the train is taken to a CSX facility and readied for a return trip. The WSS local is run south to Cotton Grove, a runaround is made and then headed back north to Winston Salem. I don't know as much about the HPT&D. So, I'm thinking the WSS and HPT&D could be Point to Point tracks, while the NS functions as the loop around the room.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I have decided that I will try and document the process for building my new NScale layout here. It's my first blog, so bear with me while I play catchup to the rest of the web log world.

I'm going to start by recreating some of the original thought process that went on at the club forum

I will initially edit the post dates to the original dates they were posted on the forum until we get caught up to the present.


And away we go....................................