Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Corner At 5 Row

Five Row is a named point on the NS Piedmont Division between the old Spencer Shops and the Yadkin River, located at MP 329.7

Near the signal bridge is a favorite place among railfans, also known as Five Row. The stretch offers a clear view of the rise from the Yadkin bridge up to Salisbury. There are 2 houses across from where everyone parks and it's not unusual to see 2 or 3 cars of railfans there at a time.

The first pictures below are taken from just in front of the 2 houses and looks south towards the signal bridge, to the siding into the PCA plant and last looking north (downgrade) near the river.

The pictures of the model version are from an opposite vantage point. 

On the CCSB, I let my apprentice, Chris, work on Five Row. He first created the grassy/wooded area to the left of the houses. After that, he added in the foam platform for the houses and road, grassed in the yards and added the background trees. Later, I added in the foreground trees.

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