Friday, May 30, 2008

Various From Around The Layout

Have been working on the upper level HPT&D for the last week. I've found it very important to get as much done on the upper level as possible because of all the mess I make dropping stuff down onto the lower level.

As of today, I have one small area to "forest" and I'll have all the upper WSS/HPT&D generally scenicked. I'll just have to go back and blend in as I complete the industry buildings and sites.

The first picture is the HPT&D south of the Wye in High Point. To the left of the wooded area will be KAO Specialties which I think used to be High Point Chemicals.

The last picture is just a random shot from the opposite upper deck. This is not visible from the floor and represents the HPT&D just south of the Georgia-Pacific formaldehyde plant in Healing Springs.

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