Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Design Ideas

John is not the only one thinking of new layouts, although I'm not planning on being done by April either!!!

I've settled on a interweave of tracks between Thomasville, Winston, Lexington and Denton. Where else do 3 railroads interchange within 15 miles? On The map, the NS is the dark blue line, the WSS (Winston Salem Southbound) in red, and the HPT&D (High Point Thomasville and Denton) in yellow.

Points of interest are:
1. WSS's Bill Yard located just outside Winston. North of the yard is an interchange with the NS "K" Line (although I'm not planning on covering the K-line).
2. Old concrete overpass.
3. The WSS passes under the NS mainlines, then rises to an interchange with NS track 1.
4. NS's Spencer Yard.
5. The NS crossing at the Yadkin River.
6. NC Transportation Museum. Last minute addition, but allows me to use a turntable and operating steam on an otherwise modern layout.
7. High Rock Yard with the WSS/HPT&D interchange.

South of the High Rock Yard, the WSS continues to Wadesboro. There, I think the train is taken to a CSX facility and readied for a return trip. The WSS local is run south to Cotton Grove, a runaround is made and then headed back north to Winston Salem. I don't know as much about the HPT&D. So, I'm thinking the WSS and HPT&D could be Point to Point tracks, while the NS functions as the loop around the room.

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