Friday, August 17, 2007

Reconsidering The Plan

I had to do some traveling yesterday (to pick up the metal for the roof. (Roof construction begins Sat). I started running trains in my mind. Start points, terminating points. It just didn't work well for me... the overall from Greensboro to Salisbury seemed short, that would be okay if everything was local I guess. Thought I needed to cover more area, at least in principle. The overall track size doesn't change, just the names of the places.

I never could find the right place for staging. Kept trying to stick it in the lower left corner, but that made it a short trip to Linwood, then long trip all the way back around. Plus this eliminates the walk thru I was going to have to put to cut thru the center peninsula.

There has to be a solution that covers it all!!

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